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Corporate Branding

Branding plays a great role for new and established companies. It creates a unique image for your organization while giving you an edge over your competitors.

Branding your company will also help your organization to have a strong story, strategy and identity


branding services in Kenya
corporate branding services

Branding for tomorrow

At Hukidesign we look into your company and understand its business model from the top to the lowest rank.

We study your company and create effective success metrics that will guide your company’s next journey.

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We research your audiences and study the market analytics to put your company ahead of your competitors.


Hukidesigns re-brands your company to avoid overgrowing your potential and remain relevant.


Brand Strategy

We create a path for your brand to strategically position itself as a leader.


We create unique and memorable names filled with a story about your brand’s success.

Visual identity

We create massive and attractive logos that cut through the noise and make your voice heard

Package design

We design out of the box packages to keep your customers talking and buying your products.

The Branding Process


The first part of a branding project is to discover and understand your business, your goals as well as objectives. We also focus on understanding your ideal clients and your company’s current position.

We are create partnerships with brands to create an insight into you model and get you started.

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Create ideas

Once we have understood your brand, we create and share ideas working with you step by step.

As your company’s brand grows, we continue the process and create various options for you to enhance your strategy.


Launch your brand

Once we have everything intact, we bring your brand to life.

You brand’s strategy and everything else will be included in a presentation focusing on areas of design, font, strategy as well as other marketing materials

When everything is said and done, we leave a happy client.

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What our customers say

Hukidesigns went above and beyond my expectations.
James BarodiMarketing Specialist