Logo Animations

logo animation

Looking to have your logo animated? We have a full team of designers and animators who are ready to tackle any project. Contact us with your project details and requirements and let us give you our feedback and suggestions. Once we have an idea about the scope of the work and what needs to be done with the logo animation, we’ll provide you with a quote. Since not all projects take equal time and effort, we do not have a set price at this time.

Fast Turnaround

Speedy turnaround times are what makes us special. It usually takes from around 3-5 business days to turn your idea into perfect 3d logo animation intro video

Budget Friendly

Being affordable is our main benefit. Providing our clients with the logo animation service that fits their budget is a win-win for our clients.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

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It's Original

Not many companies have invested in an animated logo yet. To do so, you would be on the front line of a new hype. In this instance, people will see you as a trendsetter, as a unique brand. This is what you want to achieve. You want people to enjoy your products! The whole product comes to life through motion, sound, and color with the clever use of animation techniques

Easy to Remember

Every day, we come across lots of texts, pictures, videos, you name it. After a while, people zone out the discrete images. They just don’t get noticed anymore. Animated logos attract attention from visitors, potential customers, and other brands. This can help you grow and maybe even set up a few cooperation’s with other companies, making you even more significant

It Tells a Story

An animated logo, no matter how short, can tell a story. If you offer authentic Italian food, why not have your logo animated into a pizza getting decorated? This mouth-watering GIF shows what you do and evokes the emotions of the viewers in the process. If they weren’t hungry before, they now are. Seeing your logo shows them how your pizzas are made, what the process is and it, most importantly, leaves an imprint in their minds