Lyric Production

Lyric Music Production

We are the leaders in Lyric Video Production and have delivered high quality lyric videos to major & indie artists for the past 10 years. We offer a FREE video marketing campaign with every lyric video order. We have delivered lyric videos to artists like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jasmine V and many more! Our lyric video designers will work hands on with you to develop the perfect lyric video for your new single. Choose a lyric video company that you can trust. Our Lyric Video Makers will work fast and efficient to bring your new single to life.

Music Lyrics Services

Huki Designs is one of the first animated music video companies, studios, and lyric video makers in Kenya, successfully providing lyric video services since 2015. We offer high-quality unique video products and really good and affordable prices for artists of all levels.

We will provide the best lyric video design solution for your project. Our level of expertise allows us to make catchy lyrics videos perfectly visualizing your songs.

We provide professional lyric video production for musicians, bands and labels. 3 lyric video products with detailed specifications.

Audio Visualizer

We make audio react visualizers too. Simple, but good looking video which may be produced within hours.

Audio Visualizer Video is an easy way to present your release. If you are limited on time or just looking for express motion graphics package for your music – this is the best type of animated music videos to make a premiere of your track on social networks.

Main purpose of visualizer is to interest your viewers and to show important information about your brand and track. Logo, song name, artwork, album name, release date, social networks, call-to-action, photos and etc.. We can design any difficulty track visualizer.

Why Huki Designs Lyrics?

We’ve successfully worked with many bands, singers, labels, management teams from all around the world. Our lyric video design company was hired by many media persons. Customers rate our animated lyric video services quality as very high. Our main feature is attention to the details. We treat every project as a unique piece of video art..