Web Development Services

There are over 3.6 billion internet users in the world and over 5 million users in Kenya alone.

If your business is not online already, then you are missing out on much.  Hukidesigns is a cutting edge web solutions company created with an aim of helping clients reach their online customers.

Make a statement with modern web development services and reach the people that matter (h2)

Web design Services in Kenya

We create websites with your customer in mind.  In 2019, web design is much more than just creating beautiful websites.  Any good web design company in Kenya like Hukidesigns understand that user experience, SEO, ease of use and technical structure are just but a few of the other important elements.

Out web development team has worked with many recognized brands delivering growth and results.  Ecommerce and online users are increasing each day in Kenya.

If you want a website that is injected with creativity which is focused on your custom requirement, Hukidesigns is your ultimate solution.

Whether you want a simple CMS website made with WordPress or Joomla in Kenya, our company will deliver to your expectations.

WordPress development in Kenya

WordPress is the easiest content management system for simplest users.  WordPress is easy to use, flexible and search friendly.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Search engine friendly
  3. Cheap
  4. Quick to edit


WordPress development services in Kenya
Responsive web design in Kenya

Mobile First Web Design in Kenya

Research shows that over half of all web traffic in Kenya and globally comes from mobile devices.  At the end of 2018, Google announced that it will be serving the mobile friendly version of a website to the users. What does this mean? It means that you have to act as swiftly as possible. All websites developed by Hukidesigns focus on responsiveness and mobile friendliness.


  • Improved user experience
  • Accessible to all users
  • Improved SEO

Website development Company in Kenya

The are many web development companies in Kenya, but only few of those can deliver real results.  As a professional, you need a company that believes in your mission and dreams.

At Hukidesigns we deliver top of the class websites to boost your online ROI by 1000%.  

Web Development Company near me

If you are searching for “web Development Company near me” Hukidesigns is your answer. We work with clients from all over the world while creating an experience like no other.

Why do you need a website?

Every business or individuals deserves a piece of the online pie.  If you don’t understand how a website is contributing to your revenue, then you need to let the experts show you. Perhaps you are doing something wrong.

If you an ecommerce but your website is not performing, your competitor’s website is better. To have an edge on the competition, you need to be everywhere. Having a website is the first step to achieving your business goals.

Web solutions we offer

Website design

We create top of class website designs that are appealing to new and existing customers.  Want your customers to keep coming back? Work with us now.


Get a website that is SEO optimized.  For custom SEO solutions, contact our team.

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Domain Registration

Get top level domain in Kenya and begin your online journey. Your online success begins with  a simple domain search and registration. If you need help with that, our team will hold your hand.

Social Media Management

Social media is equally important in your web development journey. Want to experience success? Work with Hukidesigns.

Website hosting

Get the hosting you need whether you are a small website or an ecommerce platform. Stop wasting money and resources on unrealistic hosting plans.

Graphic design

We combine the web with exceptional graphics to give your website the best visual picture.

Frequently asked questions about web development

When most people a search on Google they search for web development and design companies. However, web design is the visual picture of your website and it’s create with Adobe Photoshop or other software. Web development on the other hand is the technical part of a website such as HTML. CSS, Javascript etc.
Web development is the technical process of creating a website. It involves the use of html, css and other programming languages.
Website design is the use of software to create a mockup of how your real website should look like. Here at Hukidesngs, we do both website design and development
It depends on a number of factors. Some of this factors include your niche, how often you create content, the size of your website. A large website for a huge company may cost more
Creating a website can take somewhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.